Ana Nov-entry


All my life I have been a do-it-yourself person. Not having to rely on others for resources is a good thing but we all need assistance sometimes. When it came to what I wanted to do with my life, I knew some well-connected people but for some strange reason, I never wanted to ask anyone anything. I felt like if they made it to where they wanted to be in their career alone, I could too.

I began to understand that it takes a lot already. It isn’t always just hard work and using only what YOU know. And of course there are some who will not, but there are some people who would be willing to help you in any way they can to see you move up.

Not too long ago, I started asking questions. I started getting information that I would have never gotten because I wasn’t on the inside. It was very useful and it made me think smarter about my decisions. I realized that I didn’t need to do it alone. Had I known what I found out sooner, who knows where that information might have taken me then? It’s all a matter of using what it is, as well as who it is we have access to, to obtain the necessary help and knowledge that they might very well be open to giving us.

“Wish I didn’t care like you

put my heart right in my back pocket

soon as i see another one

I’d think of you 

but I still wouldn’t stop it”

Ana Nov-entry


As a songwriter, you have to find ways to get your music into the right ears. The process can seem pretty intimidating because so many others are trying to do the same. You submit and you wait…and you wait. It can feel stressful but it really doesn’t have to be. Yes, a lot of people might have the same exact goals as you do (they want to get their music to some major artist, etc.) but I, myself, have come to understand that every road and every situation isn’t for everyone.

I have learned that you have to be a little more innovative with ideas when it comes to your dreams. You can create different avenues for yourself and in time, more and more things will happen. Maybe focus on smaller goals that can become part of the process to you getting to the finale. I want to do a lot with my own music and I have started to create both small and large goals so that something positive is bound to come of my hard work. Sitting around, waiting only brings discouragement but if you’re constantly working, and you’re constantly searching for ways and places to fit in your music, you’re being consistent and you’re getting closer.

It’s fine to submit and reach out to people, but I have learned that those methods should not be your only options. You can create your own avenues and be your own platform if that’s what it takes.

“Staring at the lot, watching cars come and go

like the last bad person in my life

and I was happy,

I wouldn’t have changed a single thing,

I guess that’s heartbreak

guess this is artbreak”

“No happy families around me

or couples sucking faces in the pool,

just the banging next door that could mean anything

that didn’t come from love,

and I’m okay with it”