Ana Nov-entry


So, I’ve been collaborating with this talented producer that I happen to work with on my day job. It’s probably one of the most magical combos I’ve had thus far. I remember a time when I would write songs only on my own. I had my ideas and I just went for it. I didn’t always feel the need to partner up with people, and definitely not more than once. There were maybe one or two writers I would work with every now and then but that was it. As time passed, I started meeting more and more talented individuals and the things we would come up with-sheesh! It’s interesting because us creative people love to have a high level of control over whatever it is that we’re working on but the ideas that other people can bring to your project can make things even bigger than you imagined.

So far, Cherokee and I have completed about five songs together for different purposes (and plenty more in the works) and I love every single one. I’ll definitely have some of our work posted on here in the near future. For anyone who doesn’t like to work with others because of any doubts or restrictions you may feel you would have to deal with, I encourage collaborating anyway. You never know the number of songs you’ll come up with, with hit potential. So many ideas are in the air and we all need to just take advantage, and create often.

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