Ana Nov-entry


I have stayed at this point in my life where I am determined to make something out of the things that I have always loved doing. I am older and I have loved these things for a decade, and some for far longer. I was working my regular jobs, going to school and doing what I needed to do for years and I never forgot about using my talents, but I was definitely distracted.

There was a time when it became like an itch to me. I would ask myself questions like, “what am I doing with my life?” and “why am I not where I always planned to be?” My life was always going in some other direction but I knew what felt important in my heart. One day I sat down with a pen and paper and I rewrote my goals. I wrote down all of the steps that I needed to take and I found a way to allow myself free time. In my free time, I would create and I would plan more. I would also focus on the business side of things more. We all have responsibilities but I knew that something was missing. Action needed to be taken.

Here I am now, having written songs for some projects and even a couple e-books, which was my second plan. I had gotten so far in my progress within just months of planning the e-book process. I believed in myself and I let my talent get to work.

Nothing feels worse than that feeling of being unfulfilled. It begins to eat at you and the only way to fight it is to use what you know and do what you love. As you see things start to happen, you realize that all the time you put in was worth it.

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