ANA NOV-entry

ON PLANNING (A little advice to my creatives)

As a creative, all I want to do is create new work based on all of these ideas I have spinning around in my head everyday. I love doing what I’m able to do. As I’ve gotten older, I realized how important it is to think ahead, in detail. I’ve known that I wanted to write songs since I was about eight years old. I’ve been doing this forever. However, I never used to do anything outside of that, that would help in my getting to where I wanted to be overall.

After a while, I started planning. The relief that I feel these days is just amazing. I feel like I’m actually getting things done and I’m getting closer. When I find some free time, I take a little post-it and jot down my plans for the day. There is never a set number of things and I make sure all that I write down is indeed doable that same day. Sometimes, I plan for the entire week. I find that the more I research the business side of things in reference to my goals, the more I have on my plate and it feels fun. It feels like I’m knocking down the things in my way. I try to encourage everyone I know to do this because it is helpful, and just waiting around or taking your time can cause any ideal results to feel as though they’re taking forever.

Note to all my creatives: Dream big and write it out every single day so you get there.

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